Everything around me is a shade of dusky grey. I seem to be on an island; and island of grey. The sand looked like it belonged on the moon; the trees appeared in a shade of ash as if they had all been burnt. The grass, the sky, the shade of my hair and skin; this was like a washed out world. No colour at all.

            Walking around, I found that this place was somewhat familiar to me. Vaguely, it reminded me of Plastic Beach. A stupid thought at the moment. I knew I had better things to worry about then European music right then.

            “Seven hells,” I say under my breath as I continue to walk aimlessly around the absurdly strange landscape.

            “There is no need to curse, sweet Beatrix.” I stop in my tracks. His voice was here again, all around me this time. A chill creeps over my shoulders and covers my back. I turn, and see him. Zachary, times three.

            Three of them stood behind me. One with red glowing eyes, one with eyes completely white, as if the were rolled back in his skull. And the last one, which was being held in the middle of the two, was crying. Tears rolled out of his blue green and brown flecked eyes.

            I said nothing, just stared at the one in the middle; my Zachary.

            “So,” the dark Zac spoke first. “Is it surprising to find that this is your biggest fear?”

            “The memories of what you did to him?” the other Zac spoke, the one with the rolled back eyes. He seemed to be like…I don’t know, a light Zac, I guess. He wore white clothes, and his skin was white, as was his hair. Just as the dark Zac was all clad in black.

            My Zachary was the same shade as me. Washed out, useless, helpless grey.

            “Stop it,” I whispered weakly. “Just stop.”

            “And you’ll stop us how?”

            I bite on the inside of my bottom lip and lunge towards the three. I stood no chance. They were gone the moment I took my first step. A sharp pain radiated the back of my skull as I flew threw the now vacant space, sending me to my knees. Laughter floated through my head like a fire alarm.

            “Oh my.” One said.

            “Pitiful.” Commented the other.

            “Bea…” Zachary only whispered it, but it seemed to drown out the other two’s cackles. My heart gave an indignant tug and I told myself to get off my knees. Fear, that’s what these beats wanted. I wasn’t about to hand it over to them that easily.

            Once facing them again, I ran a hand over the back of my head. Withdrawing my hand, there was a dark grey, sticky substance that covered my fingers. Blood.

            “Why do you speak to her in such a tone?” the light Zac spat at Zachary. “She is the reason you are here, man.”

            “Must you beat a dead horse?”

            I wanted to burst out in tears. But I held back. I wouldn’t cry in front of these things, even if you were telling the truth.

            “Don’t you remember? The day you were walking the streets of Toronto.”

            “You were sick, but you still agreed to go out with that heartless wench.”

            “And how she begged you to cut down the alley with her because she was too impatient to walk the extra five minutes?”

            The two demons jived and prodded him. All the while he just stared at me, and I at him. I remembered the day which they taunted at us. Hell, it seemed to be imprinted on the inside of my eyelids. The day Zachary died.

            “And do you remember the feeling of the bullet at if entered your flesh?”

            “You’re brain didn’t stand a chance against a gun, did it?”

            “And it was all her fault.” The light demon pointed an accusing, long bony finger in my direction. “There is no need to fall for her, man. She is worthless.”

            “Yes, you care better off to come with us. Forever. And always.”

            The two demons had a hold of Zachary’s wrists, one each. The two looked at each other and smiled devilishly.

A chant began to blow in the breeze. The words were illegible; I could make no meaning of them as the surrounded me and blew my hair in a spiral around me. The demons closed their eyes and joined in with the unpleasant hymn. Zachary, in the middle of them. began to jerk in different directions, trying to escape their iron grips.

I watched in terrible awe as Zachary took change to the words of the chant. Strands of his grey hair turned to white and black, one eye began to blaze red, as the other rolled back into his skull. A shadow passed over his face, and before I knew what I was doing, I was running towards him again.

I took a couple sprinting steps between us and ran right up to him. I was closer to him than I had ever been before, and I planted a sloppy kiss on his mouth. It seemed like a stupid motion, but he stopped jerking around.

Things began to change. I felt the sun on my back and colours began fly around us. The monotone of the hell in which I was just in faded and things became wonderful. I pulled away from Zachary and glanced around. Plastic Island looked just like I remembered it from the album cover.

Both demons were gone, and I was left alone with Zachary. My Zachary. And he was looking at me with the blue green and brown flecked eyes that I knew.

“I think I love you,” was the first thing that came to my lips. I felt myself blush, but it was okay. He pulled me into his arms and just laughed. How I’d missed his laugh.

“I think so, too.”


I jolted upright so quickly that I was light headed for a second. I was down in the basement again. The lights are back on. And people. There was several other lying on the floor around me. Some were awake. Faye was one. The other I didn’t recognize.

I also saw two people that I wanted to see more then ever. Margo and my man, Zachary. They were leaning against the wall to my right speaking quietly.

Faye looked over at me and gave me a relieved smile. “Are you alright?”

I just looked at her and shivered. “What is this?! Some kind of fucked up X-Men movie? I mean, c’mon!”

The End

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