Joseph: Go to Hell.Mature

The bell rang. I stood up out of my chair and put all my books into my backpack. Then I left Mythology class. Now school was offically over, but I had nothing to do. So I wandered around the school.

I was different, always was, and have been since I was 12. I have the power to control electricity.

As I am walking I pass by the stairs to the basement. Wanting some time alone to myself I walk down the steps and open the door. I go to flick the lightswitch, only to find that it's already on.

"Joseph? Quite the surprise. Hehe."

Worried by the lack of light I create an ELVES. It lights up the room for a short couple of minuetes. I see everything. The collection of five people lying on the floor and the scary thing that looks like it walked out of a horror movie.

Remembering where it was I created St. Elmo's Fire around me. Then I let loose with a bolt of lightning.

"Go to Hell!"

The lightning goes into the creature, and it screams in pain. Then, it grasps it stomach, then falls backward.

The light returns to the basement, and I see the five people unconscious on the ground. Worried about them, I went to each and began to shake them. Then, one with arburn hair woke up and began yelling about finding a happy place. I looked at her.

"Welcome to the real world."

The End

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