Lace: In my headMature

I woke up in a frozen tundra, I couldn't believe my eyes. I try moving but I'm encased in ice. My eyes widen ,and adrenaline pumps through my viens. I tried to sqiurm but the cold grip tightens around me, each breath getting shorter and shorter. I tried to calm down, but the fact of the matter was ice and cold terrified me more than anythings, it reminds me of my own personality but also because can move turn to ice cold water, or just simply freeze your muscles up till you are immobile.

I try not to focus i'm encased in ice , and look at my surroundins, the tundra was slowly getting darker around me except the sliver of light that was slowly fading. That isn't normal. Where am I?

"You're getting better at this.Need a hint." The demons voice fills the air adding to my fear," Your in head mate, and I'm taking over. You pathetic humans are so easy to manipulate. It won't take me long to achieve my main goals." It says.

"And that is?" I ask.

"You'll see, well thats if you survive me erasing your mind!" It cackels. It gets darker and soon all the light will disapear.  I forgot about the cold, and the ice it was an illusion to delay me. Delay me from what though? Wait isn't this my head? Stupid question of course it is.

" I will survive." I say.

"I'm not sure can you become a person with no fear?" The demon asks.

"No, but fear keeps you alive, and you just exagerate our fears, Play upon them and hope we react in your favour .But what if I use the fear you are implementing, and used as a way to survive becoming more aware, and  use the adrenaline to help temporarily overcome there fears."

" That has never helped anyone." The demon snarls.

"Well for me its enough." I grunt as the ice snaps in half," Get out of my head!"

The End

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