Soar - Fighting Fear itselfMature

I had been sitting quietly in my maths class that afternoon when I could suddenly hear a whisper in my head. It sounded like Faye had tried to shout my name, from a great distance away. I'm not sure if speaking mentally to others was something Faye was even capable of, but it sounded like she was in great distress and maybe in that moment she had been able to bend her powers that way. All I knew was I had to get out of this class, now. 

Getting the teachers attention I asked for a bathroom pass. He reluctantly gave me one, and I walked to the door. Once there I broke out into a run, not knowing where I was going but trusting instinct to lead the way. And lead it did, before I knew it I had found myself in front of the basement door. The door seemed to beckon me, and I knew whatever was behind it couldn't be good.

I opened the door slowly, stepping into the darkness. As my eyes quickly got used to it, I could see the bodies of some of my friends, standing but not under their own control. They all appeared to be out of it. 

"Ah we have another one," a dark whispery voice sounded, as if from all around me. But it couldn't be all around me. This wasn't some nightmare, with the monster surrounding me. The fear in my mind began to climb

"What have you done to them?" I asked, fighting down the fear. 

"I'm sure you will soon find out my dear," the voice crooned again. The room seemed to be getting darker still if that was possible, darker than dark, and I tried to reach over to the wall. Finding the light switch, I felt that it was in fact on. Then why the darkness?

Suddenly it hit me. These were the fear demons we had been talking about. They got their power from inspiring fear, from finding our greatest fear, and some of it had to be illusion. Well I could do illusion too by playing on memories, maybe I could do something which would help my friends break through my fear, because there was little else I could do to fight these creatures. Realizing that whatever this thing was was mostly worked with illusion helped me fight the fear, if only temporarily. 

A glowing face with red eyes suddenly seemed to be floating before me in the deepening darkness. "Don't think you can do anything against me child. They all tried and failed, and you would try to."

Instead of responding, I focussed on ignoring it, scanning my memories for something appropriate. I could sense the memories of the others, waiting to be influenced by me. Settling on one memory I sat down on the steps which were still behind me, much to the creature's shock, and concentrated on implanting it in the minds of all in the room.

"Ah so your going to try to fight against me are you? Well fear always wins my dear" the voiced sounded from all around me again. It's low whispery tone sent a shiver down my spine but I fought it back, trying to forget the fear or to at least ignore it for now. I knew without help I could not win my battle against the fear

The smell of salt and sand filled the room, the sound of waves crashing against the ground and children's laughter. Light suddenly seemed to return, showing what appeared to be an active beach at the end of the room. I had no idea if this was being shown to the fear demons, or if they even had memories like ours which I could influence. I only hoped that by replacing the images the demons would be producing to create fear that it might be able to help the others come around. There was little else I could do, and without the others coming around I would probably soon join them also in whatever state they were in. 

The End

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