Steven - the face of fearMature

The morning had gone by without incident. A few lessons which I had paid attention in. I knew that there would inevitably be tests, and didn't feel too great about standing out as the kid who hadn't done well. I left Spanish and wandered the halls aimlessly, lessons finished for the day. The halls wound endlessly, and I was soon lost. That's how I found the basement. The stairs sunk into the ground, the oak door almost beckoning me. I had no choice, I had to see what was in there. I stepped tentatively down the stairs, pausing to listen for any noise after a few. I had never been massively keen on darkness, and I knew seeing would be tough. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to allow them to adjust to darkness, and opened the door. No creepy squeaking hinges. Well-oiled, good condition. I shuffled into the darkness.
Four bodies lay on the floor. Bea, Lace, Faye and a groaning Callum. Something had gone wrong. I turned and lunged for the door, flinging it open and racing through without a thought, and slamming it behind me. Something in the back of my mind screamed "COWARD!" but I paid no attention. Panic would get me nowhere now. I looked up. I was not outside the door to the basement. I was standing in the lunch hall, noise all around me. Everyone appeared to be shouting. I felt panic rise inside me, and tried to see the door. I spotted it, on the far side of the room, and tried to leave, but there were too many people in the way. "'Scuse me" I mumbled, trying to squeeze myself through a gap between two people. A girl looked at me, through me, and shuffled closer to the girl next to her, plugging the gap. I raised my eyebrows in surprise. That was pretty mean. I shrugged and tried to push through anyway. The noise was everywhere, a girl was screaming something to her friends next to me. It became too much. I concentrated and stopped time. I looked up. The noise was still there. Nothing had stopped. The screaming was still happening. Shouting, shouting, more and more people poured into the room, shouting greeting to the others as they entered. I tried again and again to leave, to stop time, panic rising throughout. I began shouting at the people in the room to move, but they didn't listen. They wouldn't listen. I couldn't hear anything over the screams of the girls and the roars of the boys as they slapped each other on the back. I fell to my knees, the noise enveloping me. The room became hazy, but the noise stayed. I crawled towards the door, trying to block out the noise with hands and arms, wrapping my clothes around my head. The noise cut through any barrier I desperately put between it and my ears. Somehow, I managed to crawl through the door, and back into the basement. The quiet of the basement. My ears rang out, beating a melody that was all too similar to the screams of the people in that hall. I stood, shakily, grasping the crumbling brick of the walls. Callum was still groaning, but Bea and Lace were still. Faye was pale. Too pale. I stumbled over to them, meaning to check for a pulse, anything, but something stopped me in my tracks. Something with red eyes that reeked of fear. Pure, bestial terror.
"Well now, sonny, you're an interesting one. But I wouldn't go any closer to those four. They're mine, sonny" A voice crooned next to my ear. I took another stumbling step towards the three bodies, and a piercing scream seemed to burst forth from the walls, forcing me to my knees. The noise, the NOISE! Something clicked it's tongue, or some appendage, back next to my ear. "I told you, sonny, don't you take another step. After all, you don't want me to start shouting again, do you?" The voice was soft again, but the memories of the screaming and the noise were fresh in my mind, all too fresh. My vision began to blur and darken. I fell even further onto the floor, sliding onto my front, trying to get one good look at what was behind those eyes. I couldn't, my vision was darkening much too fast, blurring the darkness of the cellar and the darkness behind the eyes into one. The voice sounded once more. "Another weak one. Humans. You give them what they fear and they just can't take it. The brown-haired one though.. She showed promise." I assumed it was talking about Faye. What had she done to it? Another click of a tongue, and the four bodies rose up, all still way out of it. "My friends, shall we begin?" the voice asked. Darkness enveloped me completely.

The End

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