Faye: Fighting Blind.Mature

It was lucky I had a lot of free periods here. I'd been top of the class before so the school had let me basically do what I wanted. I was in the Library, not doing much when I heard people's thoughts. Since thoughts carried better than sounds, I could hear that there was a fight.. Fear demons.

I used the thoughts to guide me down to the Basement which was in pitch black. I closed my eyes, saving energy so that I could use as much of my powers as possible. The void of thoughts which the fear demon created allowed me to pinpoint where it was.  I ignored the natural revulsion I felt at the void. It was unnatural. I felt its attention on me increase, then focus. Slowly, my awareness of the others' thoughs began to fade, getting muffled then dissappeared completely. I kept my eyes closed, feeling sick. It was bad enough that I couldn't sense the fear demon's thoughts, now it was interfering with my head. My skin crawled and panic closed my throat rapidly.

Bravery Faye, Bravery. Where's that fearless girl gone? You still have your powers.. Use them! Courage girl. Have some balls.

I threw out my powers, almost blindly pinning the fear demon to the wall. At the same time, my hands slid over the clammy walls until I found a light switch. A few moments later a weak light uncovered Callum, Bea and Lace. The demon was squirming halfway up the wall.

"Hey." I smiled shakily. "Hope you don't mind me dropping in.."

They laughed, as I sighed in relief as my powers came back. The comforting hum of thoughts returned.

As we all turned to face the demon, the lights went out again. I jumped, turning round, seeing nothing.

"Not so lucky childeren" a rasping voice seemed to brush my ear then all my powers were shut down. There was an echoing silence in my mind. I felt myself begin to shake.

"Guys?" I-is everyone okay?"

The End

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