Callum: Useful For OnceMature

I was walking to my next class when I saw Lace listening to the basement. I then saw his eyes widen as he plunged into the darkness. Darkness was never a problem for me; things didn't become harder to see, instead they just changed colour. So I plunged into the darkness after him, and saw that as well as Lace, there was also Bea and lots of other kids who all had red eyes. One of them, the oldest, was laughing at Lace. This was when I decided it was time to interfere.

 I rugby tackled the oldest guy to the ground with such force that his insides should have been obliterated. But this guy wasn't human, so all it did was give him a big bruise and wind him. So I decided on another tac-tic.

 I ran as fast as I could-- the speed of one thousand men-- and ran in tight circles around the guy. My science knowledge was coming in handy, because I knew that this would stop the air from re-fuelling his lungs. But sadly, his lungs didn't need re-fuelling. That's when I knew what he was.

 I turned to look at Lace, and saw someone jumping at him and trying to hurt him. That got me angry. I used my strength and speed in unison as I threw the kid to the ground. I then helped Bea, and we all stood bravely together as if we were about to attack. And that was our intention.

The End

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