Lace: classesMature

It was my first class I kept to myself, and on the occasion the teacher would ask me a question. I would fail to to look or even adress them just look at the board blankly until the long silenced seemed have taken hold and  the asked the question to another student. The bell ended the monotnouse class of history. I stood up first as the teacher approached me.

"Lace is it. I believe your lunch time will have to wait after second block unless you can show me all the work that should have been done in class." She said.I looked her in the eye, with my cold blue ones then brushed past her without saying a word.

"Hey! Comeback here young man , I'm not finished with you!"  I disapear beyond the door sliding into the crowd of students. I knew the teacher would look at the door and not even see me.

Halfway through science block boredom had overcomed me, and I decided to slip out of class. I felt much better being on my own time agian not having to deal with people, or teachers and their misunderstandings. Walking through the schools empty halls , and avoiding variouse teachers also became boring until I came across a unvisited part of the school where I heard two voices, and the umistakable presence of that demon.  Part of me wanted to run a part of me new I had to investigate. I started running in the other direction but I stopped and put my foot down hard.

"I'm not a coward, I will not show fear it what this damm thing feeds off of. I'am stronger than it." I told myself quietly before running down a case of stairs into a dark basement.It was so dark but I could see the demon up ahead holding that girl I saw this morning named Bea.

"All in time , my sweat Beatrix." It said with a male voice.  The demon slowly drew his hand back, and Bea fell to the ground eyes closed.

"How innapropiate of you to come here." The demon knew I was here, and fear began to flow through my mind. I pushed it away as best as I could.

"What am I going to do with you?" The demon shifted into its frigid form of a girls face," Supposed I should also incapcitate you before you run off." 

"I'm not running." I said with every ounce of strength I had.

" Good. Hold him back." The demon ordered as if he had something under its command. I step forwards, and then suddenly feel something grabbing my arm it was cold, and I couldn't see it. I struggeled but soon I was overpowered. 

"Now, now don't struggle to much. It won't hurt as much." The demon cackled.  I resisted. SNAP!

"OW! SHIT!" I yell in pain as my right shoulder was dislocated.

"What did I say?" I spit at his feet as the pain slowly lost its initial shock. The demon walked forwards raising its arm coming closer.  Anger , and mixture of self perservation mixed inside of me activating my powers.  The ground above us began to creak as if a heavy wieght was being put on it. Whatever was holding me stopped. 

"I see I guess I don't entirely have you afraid of me anymore."

"No." I push my left hand up intinctively forwards a force pushed the demon agianst the wall slowlly crushing it. I closed my fist, as if I was crushing it but suddenly my power stopped, and I became tired. I collapsed to ground out of breath.

" Ha ha, even I thought you had me. You came so close but only found you power uses so much energy you can't use it long." The demon laughed as I lay on the ground unable to move.

The End

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