A raspy drawl, which was meant to be words, escaped from my lips. My figure was glued to the spot, which left me standing, gaping at this… this thing that resembled Zachary. The hair, the figure, the skin tone-- it all screamed Zac.

            His eyes, however told a different story. They blazed the same colour of scarlet as fresh blood. His lips were drawn back in a murderous grin, exposing his teeth. They were wicked sharp, like a thousand tiny needles; ready to puncture my flesh.

            Then, I realised. This could not be my Zachary. It couldn’t be. I had never heard of a ghost being possessed before. No, that monstrous thing that stood in front of me then was not my Zac. It was a fear demon.

            The thought seemed to help my body unwind, unfreeze, and let my brain start to think properly again. I shook my head a little, and crossed my arms nonchalantly over my chest. Just a fear demon, I told myself. Overcome that fear.

            “Waiting, you say? For me?” I asked it in a sarcastic tone. “I’m afraid if you mean to ask me out on a date, I cannot. Daddy said not till I’m 18.” I flashed the demon a swaggering smile.

            The demon pulled his brows into a furrow, looking at me in disgust. “I have no intention of dating you, Beatrix.”

            “Really? Well then, what is it that you want?”

            The taunting smile returned to the thing’s face. “Well, I’d like a lot of things, but there isn’t really anything I want--“ I shivered, the demon imitated Zac’s voice exactly. “Besides you.”

            “I thought you said that you had no intention of dating me?”

            “I don’t. I just want your body.”

            “Um, no thanks, I’d rather keep that to myself. I don’t like creeps touching me.”

            The demon clenched its fists. It was apparently getting fed up with my comebacks. He snapped his fingers, and the lights above us flickered out. I had never been scared of the dark, but my heart picked up, beating like crazy. The only luminosity left in the room was the demons blazing red eyes.

            And many other pairs behind him, and around me.

            I surveyed my dark surroundings slowly, counting backwards from a hundred to calm myself down. I think I made to about eighty nine when I felt an icy grip on both of my wrists. The chill seemed to spread down my whole arm.

            “Look around, young Beatrix. What do you see?”

            My eyes had finally started to adapt to the darkness of the basement. The faces behind the many pairs of red eyes started to become visible. Each one was young, none of the, older then 20. They were also pale was moonlight, and all grimacing at me blankly with their sharp teeth.

            “They’re all kids.” I commented blankly. I continued to look at each face of the possessed kids and with each pair of red eyes I grew more and more saddened. “You ruined their lives.”

            “No, I didn’t. I perfected their after lives. They didn’t have anything to do with them anyways.”

            I looked straight into the red haze of the demon’s eyes. How I wished that I could kill this stupid, ignorant little beast. But, it had me in a way that I could not fix. I could not attack the body of Zac, even if it really wasn’t his body. I couldn’t stand the though of hurting him.

            “Well, you can’t have my body. I’m not dead, and even if I was, you wouldn’t dare.”

            “You’re correct,” it said and raised one eyebrow at me. “You’re not dead. Yet.”

            A chill ran—more like sprinted down my back and through my body. “You wouldn’t.”

            The monster smirked. “Try me.” He hissed and tightened his grip around my wrists. He then looked to his side. “And just to show you how serious I really am…” I followed his gaze, and my knees got weak.

            “Margo!”” she was being held by two expressionless kids. Her shoulders and limbs were limp and her head lulled towards the floor. She may have been a ghost, but somehow these people had captured her. “What have you done to her?!”

            The demon seized my chin between two icy fingers, forcing me to look him in the eyes. “All in time, my sweet Beatrix.” He said it sweetly, with acid in the background.

            The basement around me began to blur. Blackness mixed with red of glowing eyes and the white of pale faces. I willed myself to stay conscious, but my will wasn’t apparently strong enough. I sunk into the darkness of the basement, not knowing what would happen to me.   

The End

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