Callum: Ancient HistoryMature

 I ate my breakfast at the back of the diner, trying not to be noticed by anyone. I didn't want to talk about last night. The picture of my mother dead kept floating into my mind. I tried to think about something else, but my mind wasn't having any of that. I groaned quietly. I'll have to live with it. I thought.

 My next lesson was History, with Faye, if I was correct. I normally liked History, because I liked learning things about the world that was so new to me. But now I just wanted to sleep. That's all I wanted. But sadly, I was too goody-two-shoes to bunk. So I trudged to my classroom and sat down in my seat.

 I didn't pay attention to the lesson, and I probably drifted off at some point too. I don't know, though. But I did have a dream, whether it be a daydream or not. It was about my mother, and her limp, lifeless body in the hands of that...thing. I had to get over it. It had gone by; it was past us. It was ancient history, in a way.

 I turned to see Faye with her head on the table, doodling on her book. I wrote a note to her in an elegant script.

 Dear Faye,

 We all should meet at the room where we discovered our powers. We should meet at lunch. Try to tell everyone you can because we need to talk about last night. Please be there.



 I passed it to her, and she skim-read it.

The End

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