“Honestly, do you ever shut up?” Be sanpped, throwing an annoyed look at the space next to her. I smothered a smile, the boy was rambling about school. “I’m sorry, what was that, Faye?”

“I asked if you had located Margo yet.” I said kindly, feeling sympathetic.

“I think that’s obvious,” Soar piped up. “I’m pretty sure she’s not telling herself to shut up.”

Bea smiled sadly, making me feel sorry for her, she must have been worried sick. “Regretfully, no I still haven’t seen her around. But I’m going to skip lunch and go look for her.”

I nodded in reply, about to offer some help, when Lace cut in.

 “Then who were you talking to just now?" 

Bea bit her lip. “That, my friends is our newest group member, Zac. I know you guys can’t see him, but he’s here. Count yourselves lucky you can’t hear his agonizing gibberish."

“Hey!” exclaimed Zac, who seemed to be our new 'friend'

"I have to admit, he seems to be pretty annoying" I said, grinning.

Bea looked at me "You have no idea.." Then she grinned, "You can hear him too then?"

I tapped the side of my head, smiling. "Haven't got much of a choice to be honest."

Rain spoke up. "So whats going to happen about these fear demons? What if they come back?"

Bea was about to answer when the bell cut in. We all groaned.

"See you all at lunch then I guess," I said getting up, "I have to run to History" I rushed off quickly, running into Steven in the door.

"Sorry!" I said hurriedly, then stopped. "Hey, Steven.. are you okay? After last night I mean. I got your message."

He looked at me for a while before answering. I couldn't help noticing that it seemed like he hadn't slept at all, deep bruise-like smudges under his eyes which seemed to look through you a little.

"Yeah... I guess."

I smiled. "You scared me a little there." I replied, blushing.

There was a very long pause.

"...I have to go now.." I said, looking down, feeling more and more embarassed. "See you around?"

The End

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