The halls were relatively desired as I walked towards the cafeteria.  I’d made sure that I was late for breakfast, so then I wouldn’t have to be surrounded by a swarm of students, all trying to get into the caf at once. I wasn’t a crowd kind girl, I liked to be alone.

           Alone, however, was something I wasn’t. Zac was still lurking around, trying to converse with me about next to everything,

            “I miss going to school,” he mentioned as we walked past graduation plaques, which were mounted on one side of the corridor. “Maybe not the actual learning part of it, but definitely the social part of it. There aren’t too many people around that I can talk to anymore.”

            Over and above all, I did miss having Zac around. But in no way did I want his ghost following me around right then. I had enough things to deal with; all these kids with strange powers, fear demons running around, and the disappearance of my best friend Margo.

            Yes, the last thing I need was a boy in my hair.

            Everyone had gathered in the usual table and were munching on breakfast quietly. Most of the faces around the table were tired looking, with dark crescents under eyes and skin paler then normal. If things stayed like this, I night actually start to look normal around here.

            I resumed my place at the windowsill from the day before. It was an unusually wide sill, which made it a perfect place to sit and just stare out the window. I looked out and my gaze slid to the place where my resourced pup was, once again, in the ground.

            After quickly explaining to the group about my theory on the fear demons, I wondered to over to the food to grab myself a muffin. The food here, I had come to the conclusion, wasn’t too bad.  

            Once again seated on the window, I listened to the group’s opinion on the demons and such. Zac had started his babble again, which I tried to ignore the best I could. Faye picked that moment to address me, and I was finding it hard to hear her with a ghost gibbering away next to me.

            “Honestly, do you ever shut up?” I snapped at Zac and shot him an irritated look. “I’m sorry, what was that, Faye?”

            She smiled meekly at me. “I asked if you had located Margo yet.”

            “I think that’s obvious,” cut in Soar. “I’m pretty sure she’s not telling herself to shut up.”

            I smiled sadly at Soar’s remark, but then shook my head. “Regretfully, no I still haven’t seen her around. But I’m going to skip lunch and go look for her.”

            “Then who were you talking to just now?” countered a boy, who I’d heard be addressed as Lace.

            I bit my lip and rolled my shoulders. I was stiff after such a late night. “That, my friends is our newest group member, Zac. I know you guys can’t see him, but he’s here. Count yourselves lucky you can’t hear his agonizing gibberish.”

            “Hey!” exclaimed Zac, who had been silent since I’d snapped at him.

The End

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