Steven - BreakfastMature

The night passed uneventfully for me once I had climbed back into my room. But, it seemed, not for everyone else. Dark rings under most people's eyes showed their lack of sleep. Just what had happened last night? I was distracted by what was on offer for breakfast. Sustenance, that's all that mattered. What form it came in was less important. I chose what would support me best, and wandered to a table in the corner, with the fewest people. Noone I knew was here yet. Perhaps they had been affected by what happened last night? Time would tell.
I watched as people walked by. Several loud boys walked past, baseball caps turned backwards. Two girls I didn't know rushed past, looked at me and giggled. I ignored them. They continued on. I scanned the hall again. Still no sign of Tales...But a few people I did know had appeared, and were waiting in line for food. Rain and Faye entered together, chatting quietly to each other. About last night presumably. Faye certainly looked tired. I looked around the hall. The empty seats were running out fast. If I ate quickly, I could get out before anyone tried to speak to me... I looked down at my tray and wished I hadn't gotten so much. I would never finish in time. I looked up. Rain and Faye were reaching the end of the line. I picked up a croissant and began to eat. I might as well savour the food. Besides, they weren't so bad. I would definitely prefer sitting with them than others, I thought as i remembered the boys with the backwards caps. I shrugged and focussed on the croissant.

The End

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