Lace:Hello againMature

They took my name in then went back to the unconciouse girl, and I made the decision there wasn't any further need to be here, so I left.  I walked at a near perfect silence in the hall and went back to my room into a dreamless sleep.

I wake up really late and take my time to get to the hall, I see the three people from lastnight and a couple that where in the crowd yesterday that seemed different, now there was a group of them and thay all seemed different from the others. I quickly grab a meal and sit down in the last seat of the table. The two gus from lastnight stared at me.

" You'r that guy that broke down our door, and said hello and walked out , I thought you where a."

" A demon." Another finished for him.

"Probably the closest a human can be to a demon." I thought.

"doesn't look like it." A girl says with auburn hair. I was a little astonished that she had seemed to  know what I was thinking but hid the surprise from my face.

" looks can b e deceiving." I replied to the girl , the turned to the two lastnight," I'm sorry about your door, that was an accident. "

"Okay can someone just tell me who he is?" Another from the group asks.

"Doese that matter doese he know anything about last night?"

" All I know is his name is Lace."

"Please be quite,and don't talk about me while i'm here talk to me.  All I know about lastnight is something here likes to play with your fears, and it seems to be able to read your mind, and access your memories." I say coldly. These people seemed really friendly, but I had to remember I shouldn't get to close, right now I just wanted to help.

The End

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