Soar - MorningMature

It had been an eventful night but finally the disturbances had ended and we had gone back to our own rooms. My roommate somehow still managed to be asleep, it seemed the girl slept like a rock which could be good for me. 

It was a bleary eyed me who was seated beside Rain and the others when Faye arrived. "Everyone okay?"  she asked, sounding relieved. 

I nodded along with the others, struggling a little to keep my eyes open. 

"So, what happened last night exactly? Anyone find anything definate?" Faye asked, picking at the tray in front of her. 

I shook my head. "They kept tormenting for awhile, but eventually they began to leave. What were they?"

Faye began to explain about fear demons. Bea joined us halfway through. "But Bea knows more about it than me," Faye added.

We listened as Bea considered the explanation. Finally we all stared at each other. "So not only do we have all of us at the same school, but we have some kind of demons terrorizing the school. This all seems a little too coincedental to me," I stated.

"Maybe there are higher powers at play. Maybe there's a reason we're all here," added Rain. 

"All I know is that when I was picking boarding schools this one seemed to jump out at me as the one I wanted to go to," I said, thinking back. "I didn't question it at the time, but maybe I should have. Maybe we should all look at our reasons for coming here."

The End

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