Bea outlined the problem but something did not feel right about this. Fear demons? She might know more about this kind of thing than I did but even that seemed a bit far fetched. And then Margo was missing as well. But I decided to take her advice, picking up the braid of lemongrass she had handed me and helping her with the 'first step'. After we had done, she sat back, seemingly satisfied.

"Hopefully that should help." she said.

I smiled uncertainly. I could still sense a lot of fear and uncertainty in the thoughts around the school, but there didn't seem to be anything more than before.

"Yeah, I reckon so... There's something I need to do, but thank you Bea. I'll see you around okay?" I got up to go. "And if there is anything you want, I'm just down the hall, I won't bite."

She laughed and I grinned at her. "See you around."

I went back to my own dorm, looking at the time. 4am. I picked up my phone and tried calling Stephen, but got no answer.

Not much point in sleeping then... I'll be up all night worrying.

I pulled a battered book from one of my shelves, it was a favorite novel of mine, a mixture of the supernatural and romance, with a dash of adventure. I could recite most of it off by heart but I still read it over and over.

When it came round to a decent time to get up, I did all the usual for the morning, pulling on some decent clothes. I shoved my books into a shoulder bag and went down to the cafeteria. Everyone was talking about last night. I settled down next to Rain, who was sat with Soar and a group of others.

"Everyone okay?" I asked, relieved to see everyone looking okay.

They all nodded.

"So, what happened last night exactly? Anyone find anything definate?"

The End

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