“I’m no ghost expert, but I think I’ve got a fair idea of what we’ve got on our hands.” I told Faye, who was watching me with her green desperate eyes. Something was going extremely wrong in this place, and it sounded like they could really use my help.

            I padded over to my bookshelf where I had already unpacked my favourite books. Reading was like chocolate to me; I needed it, I craved it, and I certainly take too much when I get some. I pulled out a grey hardcover, the paged crinkled as I carried it over to Faye.

            “Here,” I flipped to the correct page and pointed at an article. “Fear Demons. They pretty much take form of what ever might scare you, and terrorize you. Nasty little things, they are, but hardly a huge threat.”

            “How do we get rid of them?” Faye eyed the book, reading the article anxiously. “I don’t know about you, but I don’t think we need anything other distractions around here.”

            “Agreed,” I nodded my head and fished under my bed. I revealed a wooden box. It contained supplies that help keep bad omens away. I pulled out a braid of lemon grass and dried chives. “Burning this will be the first step. It will keep us protected from these guys.”

            “And what’s the second?” Faye was growing impatience, I could tell. I could understand that, so I got to my point quickly.

            “I could definitely give those demons a talking to, but I’m positive that they won’t leave that easily. The only full proof way for us to get rid of them is to over come that fear that they are inflicting on us. The demons feed off fear, so once their supply is cut off, they’ll leave.”

            Faye looked up at me, thoughtfully twirling a lock of auburn hair around her finger. “Isn’t there a way to get rid off them permanently? Like kill them or something like that?”

            “Hmm. Well a demon’s spirit rests in another detention, and so even if you manage to kill their body, their spirit will live on. So, unless you want an angry demon spirit after you, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

            “But some of the girls only saw faces through their windows. That doesn’t sound like anything seriously frightening.”

            “The Demons do have a sense of humour; they’re probably just messing around until they find someone really worth feeding off of.”

            Faye sighed and massaged her temples with her fingers. “Something doesn’t sound right about this.”

            “Demons aren’t exactly right.”

            “No, I think it’s something more then that.” She straightened up and let her gaze scope my room. “Say, where’s Margo? I can’t sense her anywhere around here…”

            “I… I don’t know. Come to think, I haven’t seen her in a while.”

            “This isn’t good,” Faye said, taking the braid of dried herbs. “Let’s get going. We have work to do.”     

The End

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