Steven - The Roof.Mature

I struggled out of sleep, away from the man in the white suit. I awoke, bathed in sweat. No more sleep for tonight. That guy was not good. I shivered as I thought of what would have happened had he done more than tipped his hat at me. Somehow, I knew that it would be far from good. I heard shouting and running from down the corridor. For a moment I froze, before attributing it simply to boys on their first day. I stood and shook my head, trying to see things clearly again. The bed swam into focus. I looked up. In my rush to fall asleep, I had forgotten to close the curtains. I walked to the window, and noticed something. To the left of my window, the roof curved around, providing a place to climb up. I stood, wondering whether I should, for just a moment. Then I opened the window. I would have to be quick. I didn't want anyone to see or hear me, so I just had my ten seconds. I jumped, and stopped time mid-flight. I managed to land on the roof, and scrambled upwards. I reached the top, and stood. That's when I saw Tales. Staring at the moon. Shit, I couldn't let him see me just appear. I scrambled back down to the ledge, and resumed time. I walked back up, as if it was the first time I had done so. I caught sight of Tales again, and he was looking right at me.

I raised a hand, but he didn't raise one in return. I continued walking towards him, him looking at me all the while, but never at my face. As I got closer, I asked "How did you get up here?" He looked away and mumbled something about climbing. I guessed there was a ledge like there was for me outside his window. I sat down and he looked back at me, with a strange look on his face. "How come I didn't hear you climb up?" he asked. I noticed something - he wasn't wobbling up here. For some reason, he seemed steadier on his feet. No hands grasping at anything within reach to steady himself. Strange. I focused back onto the question, and developed a lie. It slipped off of my tongue with quicksilver ease. "There was a ledge just outside my window. It was easy to get to and I tried not to make any noise. I didn't want anyone to hear." A shadow of doubt crossed his face. It lingered in his eyes. He didn't totally believe me. I didn't blame him. He nodded his head, once, quickly. That would do for now. It was peaceful up here. Nearly silent, but still not that pure silence that I knew so well. I asked him what room he had. A flicker of a smile crossed his face. "We're right above it," he said. That meant he was living next to me. I told him as much. He murmured something in return that I didn't catch again. I decided to stop looking for conversation. I looked at him once more. I saw the moonlight play off his face, lighting it yet darkening it at the same time. Interesting, I thought. Very interesting.

The End

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