Lace: Never liked the coldMature

I keep running my heart pounding in my chest as the ground forms ice, whatever it wasn't on my side trying to throw me off with ice. I was undetered however, I have fantastic balance.  I pass the cold mist , my skin crawls with fear, I let the fear slide to the back of my mind.  I hear glass shatter to my left I stop, and grab the doorknob just as ice forms around my skin.  I try to shiver but i'm held completely still.  I feel cold arms embrace me from behind.

" You never liked the cold." It was a gentle caring voice, that would make you feel safe if the world was falling apart it was the voice of Stacey. I cringe with anger," You are so pathetic, I remember seeing you cry when you saw the snow." It sneered as cold breath, crawled across my neck, the fear growing so much I couldn't force it away, all the courage left my mind. 

"Why, who, who, who are you? you know so much?" I ask choking on my fear the only true emotion that I have shared for years.

" Let me show you the way you killed the only people who you cared for....agian." The voice returned to its creeping ,slithering like voice, that seemed to twist the chapters.  I closed my eyes , I closed them tight. 

" Don't think that will save you from your constant nightmare , that haunts you every living second." It cackels. If I could fall I would but the ice held me up. The night starts again, the pain, the pain re-revealed to me as I see there blood splatter onto my face. Then I realized something I remember the second emotion I carry with me, Anger, and thats what was boiling through me again. The nightmare stops, and i'm still covered in ice, the cold embrace of what I can only call the embodiement of nightmares.

"Get off!" I say loudly enough the angry power returning, the ice shatters off me, the door flys off its hinges into the room, a cold mist surrounding me, I see the figure of a women shrowded in the white ice.

"You are what you fear Lace, Your alone, and you are cold inside, and thats the way its going to be, don't bother trying to change it, I've seen the future." The cold vanishes, and I stand at a broken door looking at three new faces, and the smell of blood. I walk  in without saying a word.

" Who are you?" One of them asks.


The End

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