I was really freaked out and as Faye disappeared off for a walk I decided I needed some time alone too. I mumbled something and ran up to my room and pulled on a pair of jeans and tshirt, slipping on soft canvas shoes before I decided to climb out my window and use the tree outside to climb up onto the roof.

It was a cold night and I shivered as I walked along the flat roof of the school. Suddenly I saw something standing on the grass that looked like a man, he seemed to have something in his arms and I felt as though he was looking at me. I felt compelled to climb down and go over to him and so I used my power to help me by creating vines to climb down. 

I began the descent to the ground when suddenly I heard a scream "Oh my god Callum!" and I turned in mid air and stared through a window to see Callum and Raphael standing in a room with similar expressions of horror as they looked at a man holding a woman's body in his arms.


Something in my mind told me this wasn't real what we were seeing and I called out as I pressed my fingertips against the glass. "Callum it's not real, it's NOT REAL!"

He began to move forwards and at the same time the man dropped the body and leapt forwards at Raph and Callum. I kicked off the glass by accident and then swung back and crashed through it, putting my hands up to protect my face, just as he flew past the two boys and out the window, passing through me like a ghost and causing the world to darken a little and my body to tingle as my head began to pound. Raphael moved to the window, looking out at the grounds to see if he could see the man.

I lay in a crumpled heap on the floor for a couple of seconds before I felt strong arms help me to stand up and I looked up at the two boys. "It's an illusion, a nightmare demon." I coughed as Callum looked around to see the body had disappeared. I felt really dizzy and I swayed a little on my feet.

"Rain? Are you ok?"

Callum put a hand on my shoulder and looked down at me with concern. He sniffed the air then and looked around. "I can still smell blood." he muttered as I looked down at my hands.

"Em... I think it's mine." I half whispered as I stared at the shard of glass from the window that was sticking out of my wrist. The room began to tilt sideways and I blinked to try to get my vision to right itself again, only my eyes wouldn't open again and I felt myself falling.

The End

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