I'd spent all day with my head in the clouds. When it came to sleep, I rarely spent a lot of time asleep. Insomnia. I'd been lying awake for a while when my phone buzzed.

There's something going on round the boys dorms. You okay? Stephen xx

I texted back to tell him everything was quiet around our end of the school, smiling slightly that he was checking on me. I hoped it would be okay for him. Out of the blue, there was a muffled scream from next door, followed by a flurry of knocking at my door.

"Faye!" Soar greeted me in a strangled whisper. "Theres... I just... There was a face at my window!"

I blinked in suprise. "Are you alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, just shocked...but there was a girl's face at my window, with knocking and everything. I-"

She was cut off by a scream from further down the hall. We both glanced at each other then ran barefoot down the corridor. Rosie burst out of her dorm, white-faced.

"Th-th-there was a face at my window! A girl.. she knocked on my window!" she was breathless, obviously just woken up and shaken.

"Stay with us, Soar just saw the same thing. Something weird is going on.."

I went up to Rain's dorm, knocking softly on the door. Eventually it opened slowly.

"Hey, sorry to wake you up like this," I said apologectically, "A couple of the girls seem to have seen a face at their windows. Mind if we stay together? You've got a bigger dorm" I finished with a wry grin.

"Yeah, why not? I wasn't getting much sleep anyways." she smiled, letting us in.

We all settled on beds, Soar and Rosie on the spare, me settled by Rain.

"So whats been happening then?" Rain asked, making both of us look over at the other bed.

Between them, Soar and Rosie described the face they had seen at the window, followed by knocking.

We all fell into a silence, contemplating the story. In the quiet, there was a couple of light taps at the window. The two girls opposite jumped, going pale again. I got up, putting my finger on my lips as the knocking increased. Rosie had gone very pale, looking as though she was going to faint. I pulled the curtains open, revealing the calm night outside. There was nothing there, the knocking gone. I was about to turn to the others, when a girl's face dropped from above the window. Rosie shrieked and the sound was deafening. Soar also screamed and I heard Rain give a muffled shout. I'd jumped back from the window. The girl cocked her head slightly, as though confused, then began knocking again. I looked at the others, who all shook their heads. There was nothing on this side of the building that could support a person. After a minute or so, the girl pulled a face, evidently annoyed and appeared to melt away into the night.

"See? We weren't seeing things! You all saw her right? She was there.." Soar said, the words tumbling out of her mouth.

We all nodded, muttering our agreement. I stayed very quiet, sitting down on the bed again.

"Faye, are you alright?" Rain asked in concern.

I nodded absent-mindedly. "Its just...that girl...she had no thoughts. At all." I looked up. "I can sense all human thought-even Bea's ghost had thoughts, though they were really hazy. But that girl just now... nothing. Just a blank... It was like there was nothing there."

There was a long silence.

"I don't like this. I've never come across a human who has no thoughts, they might be hazy, or I can only get the most broad things, but I can always get something... "

"I think its best we all get some sleep.." Rain said, appearing to be pretty calm now. "If anyone wants to stay here, I don't mind."

"If its alright with you lot, I'm going to go for a walk. This has kinda freaked me out." I said quietly.

I got up and walked off, without saying another word. I got back to my room, flinging on some comfortable clothes, dark jeans and a black slim-fit hoody. I grabbed my iPod, plugging into some calming music and slipping through the corridors silently. I got out into the grounds, needing the cool night air to calm me down. The thought that there was a girl wandering around, knocking on dorm windows without any trace of thoughts was more than unnerving. I found myself walking around to the boy's end of the school. There was a window open on one of the floors. I could hear the boy's thoughts-a lot of panic, people woken up suddenly.

I was scanning the windows, lights were flicking on all along the boy's corridors, throwing white lances along the dark lawns, reaching towards me. I backed away a bit, staying in the shadows, scanning  thoughts, trying to get what was going on. Again and again, a face appeared in the thoughts of the boys. A gruesome, dead-looking man, carrying the bloodied body of a woman. I gasped, backing away further. I couldn't find this man, but he seemed to be walking down the corridor. Away from the dorms. I ran away, getting back to my dorm again, diving fully-clothed under the sheets. This place had becaome too much like a horror movie now. Ghostly appiritions, bloody bodies..


"Bea." I muttered. She'd be able to do something surely. I sat bolt upright again, going through the corridor, lightly touching people's thoughts until I found hers. I got up and found her dorm, knocking softly until she came to the door.

"Can we talk? There's been some weird things going on tonight and I think you might be able to put some kind of sense into it.."

She nodded, letting me in. I quickly told her everything I'd seen both at the windows and in the boy's thoughts.

"Do you have any idea whats happened here?" I asked. "Because the fact these things have no thoughts really freaks me out if I'm honest. I mean, even Margo has thoughts that I can sense to a certain degree.. But no thoughts. The only humans that have no thoughts, are dead bodies."

She looked at me for a long time, absorbing what I'd told her. Finally, she started to speak.

The End

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