Lace: Do you want to know who you are?Mature

I fall asleep to what  I hope is a dreamless sleep, but like every night I find myself back in the facility, its dark, and the doctors white lab coats soaked in blood, beside freakish creations. I turn a left into a clean undirtied or broken stucture of the facility. Now what happens next usually the doctors cupping there hands around my mouth and disecting me while I scream in pain. The blue glove goes over my mouth but something changes.

" Lace Arc , do you want to know who you are?"  the doctor hisses unusually in my ear. I try to run or speak, but I can't. The dream disapears, and I wake up in my room, sweating, and cold.  I get into the washroom and was my face off with warm water. I was wide awake now. It wasn't even all that scary my  dream but I was shaking.  I walk back into the bed room, and then I hear it.

" Lace, do you want to know what you are?" The voice was cold and seemed to twist the shadows, it made my limbs freeze up. The room seemed to drop in temperature the water in the sink turned to ice, I breath out, and my,and I could see my breath.

" I will ask agian, Lace."  The voice resonated in my head. I tossed away the fear, inside me, and opened the door, and tried to run, the cold followed me.," I can tell you why your abandonned, how to control whats inside you that has the anger of a thousand burning suns.", I stop for a second, what or who knew so much?

" Who are you?" I ask, there is no response , just the cold brusing agianst me , " Who are you!?" I say louder and more demanding. 

" Oh my god, Callum!" I hear a scream, that to me had a smell of fear.

" Nightmares." The cold replies, and rushes down the hall towards the scream. I followed after it trying to beat it. Was it evil or good? Should I trust it? Who is Callum , and why is someone screaming?

The End

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