Soar - night time disturbanceMature

We had agreed to all spend the night thinking about where to go next with our little group. It was odd that we should all be in the same school. Splitting up we all headed towards our individual dorms, boys and girls on other ends of the school. 

I settled in for a quiet night. My roommate barely made an appearance, too busy spending the first night gossiping with her friends. I didn't see her until she came in late, waking me briefly from my slumber.

She was deep asleep by the time I was awakened. There seemed to be something outside the room. I could hear a knocking. It was loud and annoying and try as I might I could not get back to sleep. Finally a very loud bang caused me to get out of bed, and peer out the window. There seemed to be nothing there, so maybe I was imagining it.

Suddenly a girls face seemed to peer in at me from outside the 3rd story window. There was no balcony, and no ledge, and it wasn't the face of anyone I knew. giving a scream of fright I took off, towards the dorm room of Faye. She had said to come to her if I needed anything after all, and seeing a face outside your 3rd story window, complete with knocking and banging in the middle of the night seemed to be as good a reason as any. 

The End

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