Steven - DreamsMature

Now I'd seen it all. Zombie dogs. A girl who controls the weather. Fucking telekinesis. And what now? We were hardly going to form a superhero gang. We were just a bunch of freaks, at a school in the middle of nowhere. What next?

We were already being much too risky. We had been seen already, it was simply a matter of luck that those who had seen us were also freaks. This needed to stop, now. Those of us with less subtle powers would be seen easily. We had to stop, or at least limit ourselves, inside the school. We couldn't risk being noticed. I made an excuse and left the room. Too many smiling faces. The only thing that could come from all of this was bad, and I didn't want to be around when it all fell down. It was getting late. I should get to my dorm. I wandered the halls, thinking of what would happen next. Every train of thought led to disaster, every possible avenue. I took my key out of my pocket. 7F. There were bags on the door to the left - a sign that the owner had not yet arrived to claim the room, but none on the door to the right. At some point I would have to say hi.

I hauled my bags into the room and sat on the bed. A desk, a small bathroom, and a bed. Reasonably basic, reasonably bare. I threw my bags onto the floor, flopped onto my bed and fell into the most horrible noghtmare i had ever had.

I was walking, walking through the streets of some unknown city. A few people were on the roads - I was by no means alone. But the noise. Oh the noise. Constant screaming, shouting, braying, from some unknown source. I fell to my knees. It was too much to take. I had to get out, had to. I stopped time. Everything carried on. There was no silence, no sudden stillness. The noise continued, riping through my head. I looked up. Faces had begun to appear at the windows, contorted in endless screams. The noise built, rising, rising to a horrible crescendo. More faces appeared. I tried to stop time again and again, but to no avail, the noise continued, the faces continued to gather, I fell closer and closer to the ground. Rising, rising, RISING. I let out a scream, and it stopped. There was merely a babbling, slight background noise. I could deal with it. I stood, shaking, and saw him. A man dressed in white. He tipped his hat to me, and turned. I woke.

The End

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