I felt like an idiot standing in front of all those people.

Margo, being her usual dead self, was listening on other people’s conversations. She came rushing to me, all excited with the news that I wasn’t the only ‘Freak’ as she called it, in this place. I shrugged, but I couldn’t deny that it was a surprise. However, I had no desire to expose myself.

Margo explained to me about mind readers, weather controllers and time stoppers that she’d seen. Those talents are at least useful. What could I possibly accomplish with a raised dead? Sure, they are under my command, but I what would I use them for? I’m no general; I don’t need a zombie army.

But somehow, I found myself in front of them, exposed to the bone. I wanted to trust them, as the one girl, the mind reader had suggested, but I couldn’t. Some people say I have trust issues, I just say I’m over independent. I like to deal with things by myself, and I don’t find anything wrong with that.

But right them, with about ten pairs of encouraging eyes on me, I really wanted to trust them, so I took a seat on the windowsill, only a little hesitantly.

“Raise the dead? Are you serious?!” one of the guys, who Margo told me was named Callum said. I nodded silently, trying to get the subject off myself. But they all still looked at me expectantly. “Whoa, cool. Can you show us?”

My heart began to pound really fast, blood rose to my cheeks. I wasn’t comfortable raising the dead by myself, let alone around other people. I shook my head, and Margo sighed, floating next to me.

“Go on, show them. They all showed each other their powers, so it’s only fair that you show them." Her face was peppy, as it always was now that she was dead. Once a person dies, there isn’t really much for them to be upset over, I guess. “You know you want to.”

“Okay, fine!” I said, a little too sharply. All the others jumped a little at my tone, and I smiled apologetically.

“First I’ll introduce you all to my friend Margo. She's dead. She’s usually where ever I am, so just to let you know that I’m actually not talking to myself. I’m not that crazy.”

They all nodded, and some murmured their hellos to Margo. I looked out the window, and closed my eyes, searching around the yard with my mind’s eyes. I found some dead bugs, and finally settled on a dead dog that was buried under one of the trees in the front yard.

I pulled at the fringe of its spirit, taunting it and asking it to come to me. I opened my eyes when I felt the spirit agree, and saw the earth around the tree twitch. Within a couple second, the dog had pulled it’s self out of the earth, and was dragging it’s rotting body towards the window.

“It’s not exactly for the light stomached,” I commented grimly, turning back to the group of silent teens that were sitting around me. “But that’s what I do.” I pointed out the window at the newly resurrected dog.           

The End

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