It felt like a huge relief had been lifted of my shoulders. I wasn't the only one any more. I combed my fingers through my hair, unsure on what to say next. One girl - Rain - had run off already, and I didn't blame her. This was unbelievable. I wasn't the only freak. 

"Clearly we need to be more careful the next time we have a little display," Faye murmured, looking at me, and then Callum. "I mean sure you two are like us, but if you weren't there could have been a little bit of trouble."

"At least until you had this one wipe their memory," Callum said, nodding at Soar, with which she replied with "Something I'd prefer not to have to do," 

Then the door opened yet again, and another young girl walked in. The first thing I noticed about her, was her pale skin. It was so white... it reminded me of snow white or something.  Her hair was jet black, and flowed down to her waist. 

"Hey, sorry. Am I interrupting something?" She asked.

"No." "Yes." Me and Soar said at the same time. 

"We don't want everyone to know." Soar whispered to me. 

"She doesn't know, she only just walked in." I said back to her, and then Faye shushed us.

"I think.... I think she's one of us." She said, loudly so the girl could hear. 

"What do you mean? One of you?" She asked questioningly, clearly looking confused. We all stared at Faye, waiting for her to explain. Surely there wasn't more. Was it simply coincidence we were all meeting, or was there something pulling us all together. And was there more of us out there?

"Whose Margo?" Faye asked, confusing us all. Pure shock flew across the new girls face. 

"Wha.. How.. Huh?" 

"You can speak to ghosts can't you?" Faye replied again.

"How.. How did you know?" she stammered

"I can read minds. Your not alone. Stephan can time travel, Soar can alter memory, Raph can heal, Callum is really fast and really strong. You can trust in us, Bea." Faye replied. 




The End

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