Afternoon classes had passed just as uneventfully, if not more so, than the morning ones. My classmates paid less attention to me than they did the teacher, even though I recognised some of them. It seemed like the girls already had a tight-knit friendship group going on. I wasn't going to cling on to the outside of that, even though they'd been some of the first to talk to me. There were others, like the guy that had sat next to me in Maths. I tried to remember his name again, still couldn't.

I waited until most people had filtered off from their last classes and headed towards their dorms, and followed the crowds. It was easier than getting lost all by myself. Most of the dorms were in the same block, and I found mine easily enough. Glancing down the corridor, it looked like they'd separated girls and boys. I supposed that made sense. 7G was my room, my timetable had informed me. Although most of the corridor was busy with people unpacking - our things had been brought into the hallways for us - the rooms on either side of mine lay untouched. I wondered if they were empty, or if the students were just busy elsewhere.

I unzipped my suitcase, sorting clothes into vague piles and shoving things into drawers where I could. There wasn't much storage room, and the bed was small, but it was still more than I was used to. At the end of the room was a large window. Dropping the shirt I was holding, I closed the door to make sure that nobody would see, and opened the window as far as it would go. It was built to swing open the whole way, though the bed prevented it from doing so. Still, it was more than wide enough a gap for me to vault myself onto the window sill.

From there, I could see straight up to the roof.

My room wasn't on the top floor of the dorm block - there were two others above it. There was also a pipe about a metre to the right of my window, leading up to the roof guttering. I kicked off my shoes and pulled myself into a standing position, feet tight on the sill. Shuffling closer to the pipe, I tried to grab on with my hand. I was an inch short, at least.

I switched position so that my hands were gripping the top of the window-frame, my legs swinging over to the pipe, then swung across. The piping was attached to the building by small bands of metal every few inches, and I was able to use them as footholds, though they cut into my feet. The callouses I'd earned over the years hadn't disappeared by any means, but they had softened in the few weeks I'd been housebound.

I hefted myself up over the eaves and onto the slate tiling. It was a nice day, for the most part. Sunny, but not overly hot. I stretched out on an area of the roof I was confident couldn't be seen from the ground. I didn't intend to fall asleep, just rest for a little while.

Some time later, I was woken by rain hitting my face. Apparently the weather had turned again.

The End

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