Soar: New friends?Mature

So much had happened in the last few minutes. What were the chances that we would all be at the same school, much less that the two other students who spotted our display happened to have powers as well? It was mind boggling. 

I had watched silently as Raph cut himself with a knife, trying not to feel too squeamish by the blood. I never dealt with blood now. I was a little too focussed on not feeling nauseus that I almost didn't hear Rain speak.

 ".I'll be back in a while." I heard her say, catching the tail end of her words, and with that she ran.

"Is she alright?" I asked Faye concerned. 

Faye nodded, staring in the direction she ran. "She just needs some time I think. But I wouldn't go outside for a bit, the weather might be getting pretty messy for a little while," she said softly.

I nodded. "I can understand the need for time. All this," I said, waving my hand to take in everyone, "is a bit much. I'm going to be honest and say that a part of me is still urging me to wipe your memories of my power, but most of me thinks I can trust you all. I'm just so used to having to hide this."

Raph nodded. "I feel I should be running a mile, changing schools, just getting away from all this."

"Clearly we need to be more careful the next time we have a little display," Faye murmured, glancing at Raph and Callum. "I mean sure you two are like us, but if you weren't there could have been a little bit of trouble."

"At least until you had this one wipe their memory," Callum added with a grin, indicating me with his head. 

"Something I'd prefer not to have to do," I stated simply. 

Suddenly we were interrupted by the door opening yet again

The End

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