I stared in awe as the boy pushed a knife into his arm and then took it out, only for the skin to heal as though nothing had happened. "Wow." I said out loud, breaking the silence.

"That's pretty funky." I smiled at him and he looked a little surprised.

I had gone through so many emotions in the past ten minutes it was unbelievable. I had been afraid, confused, surprised, happy, sad... Suddenly I felt sick. I was trying to hard to keep my powers under control and all this excitement was too much for me. I wanted solitude. I wanted freedom. I wanted thunder. The sky grumbled.

Faye looked at me and I knew she could see my thoughts. "Rain are you alright?" she took a step forward and I held out a hand. "I'm fine, I just need to...I'll be back in a while." and with that I ran.

I stumbled outside and into the grounds, looking for somewhere to go. Suddenly it clicked with me and using my power I had the plants help lift me up onto the roof and I lay down and stared up at the sky.

My head was pounding and I threw and arm across my face. "Why does this always happen?" I cried to myself as my stomach lurched horribly. The rain came with the first teardrop that slid down my face.

I was happy that I had found friends, so I didn't understand why I was crying, I figured it was the pain in my head and the sheer confusion that it brought. That only made me cry even more.

I felt pressure building up inside my head and I stood up and screamed at the sky. Thunder rolled, masking my scream and lightening flashed across the sky. The rain came down in torrents, soaking me to the skin and plastering my hair to my face. Finally I felt the pressure in my head vanish and I collapsed sobbing to my knees. The skies cleared up and the sun reappeared but I paid no attention. Curling up on the rooftop I fell fast asleep.

The End

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