There was a moment when we all just looked at each other, just after Steven showed his powers to us. We were all stunned to find there were others who had odd talents. We weren't freaks, just different. Steven seemed to be the least comfortable. I wanted to ask him why, but with Rain and Soar there the words froze in my throat.

 A tall, black-haired guy burst in, explaining he also had powers. He'd seen Rain's display with the plant and proceeded to show off super reflexes, strength and senses. He finished with a grin on his face, clearly pleased with our suitably impressed reactions. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. He was a show-off with something to actually show off about.

"What's your name?"  Steven replied, his thoughts betraying the fact he was not impressed.

"Callum" he said, winking, not at Steven but at me.

Wow.. that girl is stunning. I can't believe I didn't notice her before. Thats definately one girl I'd like to get to know better. Just look at those eyes! And that body...

"Please, when you are around me, can you keep those kind of thoughts to yourself, Callum?" I said, a bit unnerved. "I'd rather not hear what you're friend told you about feisty gingers-and for your information, its auburn, not ginger."

The others all burst out laughing at his expression. After a second I giggled as well.

"I'm psychic," I explained, taking pity on him "So yes, I heard everything that went through your mind just then."

He blushed and I grinned ruefully. There were some perks to this afterall.

"Please tell me no one else in the room can read minds?" he asked, a pleading note in his voice.

The End

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