Steven - thoughtsMature

Great. Another one. And a smiley one, too. I already didn't like him. I didn't know how he knew what we were doing, but to waltz in here and just do that... The boy was a liability, clearly. Overconfident. He looked towards me and I spat out the first positive evaluation i could find. "That's cool!" I found myself saying. I died a little inside. I stopped time.

I walked right up to him, his smile frozen on his face. I could tell exactly what was going on in his head. There was nothing I could do. I would be avoiding him as much as possible. I resumed my position and everything continued. He lifted a bookcase and tossed it around. I maintained the gormless look on my face. Slack-jawed. The girls looked on in awe. I barely held back a groan. Human. We're all human. I looked at the scene unfolding before me, and slowly my faith in humanity drained. The guy finished flexing his muscles for the girls and stood there proudly. Another groan barely held back. I had known so many like him. The muscular guys. The attractive guys. The popular ones. The ones who had treated me the worst. I could tell this guy was no different.

"What's your name?" I asked. I needed to know. If this joker was in any of my classes... "Callum" he said, winking. But not at me, at Faye. Oh wow. This could be amusing after all.

The End

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