Callum: New FriendsMature

 I was walking out of the school, happy about my new friend 'Raph', when I looked into a window, and saw someone with green vines twirled around their waist and through their arms. I saw them slide a book out of the highest shelf of a book shelf. My eyes were better than most's, so I focused them to see who it was. Was that...Rain Storm? I recognised her pure white, striking hair contrasting with her tanned skin. My eyes widened. I wasn't the only...freak here. I sped through the halls towards the room they were in. I could here the voices perfectly.

 "Ten seconds," Steven was saying. "Ten seconds, that's all I've got." He continued.

 "Okay, so now what?" I heard Rain ask quietly. I decided to make myself known. I smiled as I swung the large door open. All eyes were on me.

 "Don't worry." I assured them, still grinning. "I'm the same...Sort of." I confessed happily. I focused on a area within the room, and I flashed there with milliseconds to spare. Everyone gasped.

 "That'!" Steven enthused. I smiled,

 "That's not it..." I said, tucking my hands under the huge book shelf. I lifted it above my head effortlessly. I threw it up in the air and caught it in the same hand, as if it was merely a tiny ball.

The End

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