Steven - revealingMature

People... like me. I hadn't shown them yet what I could do, but this was dangerous. They were laughing, smiling, sharing their secrets. It seemed like fitting in just came naturally to them. Even when they were clearly, obviously, painfully not normal, they found people that they fit in with. As they looked at each other, I just felt left out. I flashed a smile once or twice, pretending like I felt at home. Lying came easily now, after all these years. I felt alone once more, but it didn't matter. It never did.

"Now your turn, Steven" one of them said. Lost in my thoughts, I really didn't know which one said it. But I had to show them. And I would. In a second. 10 seconds, to be exact. I stopped time. Quick reconnaissance. I turned my head from side to side, taking in every corner, scanning everything. No-one was watching. That was fine. 10 seconds up, I resumed the exact same position. It was time to show them, so to speak. I sighed, stopped time, and walked behind them. Then I resumed it. They stood for a second, puzzled. Where had I gone? But they soon spotted me, Faye seeing me out of the corner of her eye. I raised both hands and splayed my fingers out.

"Ten seconds," I said. "Ten seconds, that's all I've got." They all seemed impressed, but I felt no pride. I still felt alone, even after I had shown them.

Rain nodded. "Ok, so now what?" she said.

The End

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