I watched in shock as Faye and then Rain demonstrated their powers. The last thing I expected when I came here was to find people like me. 

"Its hard enough being a teenager.. but wouldn't you like to not have to hide? You don't have to pretend around us anymore." Faye smiled "You can trust us."

Suddenly I knew I could trust them. After all, if they were like me then what else was I to do.

"I can only show you an aspect of mine. I can alter both short and long term vision, but if I alter your long term you won't know I've done it, and I'm beginning to feel its a little invasive. But I can do this," I said, eyes cast down. I focussed my mind on projecting an image into their short term memories.

Suddenly before our eyes appeared the image of a miniature dragon. It flew for a few seconds, breathed a burst of fire that almost seemed to reach out to us, then vanished. 

"Its kind of like making illusions," I explained. "Only I'm altering your short term memory to make it seem your seeing something thats not there. Its the part of my power thats least under control and the reason I made my parents move me here,"

Faye nodded. "And it explains the no daydreaming thing. I bet when you lose focus whatever your dreaming gets projected to everyone around?"

I nodded in reply. "Yeah. Lets just say I projected a daydream in front of my whole class, and freaked out my parents and the teachers. The only reason I'm not in a clinic somewhere is some cautionary wiping."

The End

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