"That's not all I can do." Rain suddenly spoke up.

 "What?" Stephen looked out of his depth here and I felt sorry for him. Rain took us to the library and showed us her powers. She could control weather and Earth. I was impressed, from what I could tell, it had taken her a lot of courage.

"I can control some aspects of the weather, but Earth is my element. I can only create at the moment, I can't destroy."

"Well that's a relief." Stephan joked. I smiled, relieved that he seemed to be able to take things in his stride now. Rain turned to me and Soar, "Say something. Please." she muttered.

"Rain," I said quietly "Thats seriously cool." I grinned as everyone turned to look at me as though I was mad.

"Think about it.. Its amazing, you could be the world's best weather forcaster or you could make millions with your powers over plants.."

She laughed, looking more relaxed than I had seen her all this time. "And you could make billions in Vegas! Just give the roulette a little nudge.. "

I grinned, "Believe me, its so tempting sometimes."

Soar and Steven had been watching us all this time, not saying much. I looked at them.

"Its hard enough being a teenager.. but wouldn't you like to not have to hide? You don't have to pretend around us anymore." I smiled "You can trust us."

The End

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