Rain: ExplainationsMature

I stared in shock at Faye and then suddenly I took a deep breath and calmed myself, the sky stopped rumbling. She looked around at us all. "Somebody say something?" she pleaded.

"That's not all I can do." I spoke suddenly and everyone looked at me. "What?" Stephan looked a little overwhelmed and I motioned for them to follow me. We went to a secluded corner in the library and I walked over to the window and lifted a small potted plant from the sill and carried it to a table.

As I placed it down in front of them all I suddenly felt nervous. But no, Faye had shown us her power deliberately so it was only fair that I should trust her enough to do the same. A cloud settled over the sun, darkening the room and making us all blink a little. I absent mindedly waved my hand and the cloud vanished, sunlight once again spilling into the room.

"Ok." I took a deep breath. "I can't believe I'm showing you guys this..."

I stared at the plant and we all watched as it grew taller and higher and then the vines reached out and wrapped themselves around me, lifting me up so that I could reach the top shelf of the large bookcase. I selected a book and then the plant lowered me back down to the ground before shrinking back to it's original size.

I put the book on the table and looked at them all. "I can control some aspects of the weather, but Earth is my element. I can only create at the moment, I can't destroy."

"Well that's a relief." Stephan joked and I looked at Faye and Soar.

Now it was my turn to be nervous and I began to fidget with my hands as I looked down. "Say something. Please." I muttered.

The End

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