Free study periods had merged seamlessly into lunchtime, and if not for Rain, I doubt I would even have noticed the sudden floods of people entering the cafeteria. It was the first day, but it already looked like everybody had found a friendship group. Rain went to sit with the other two girls I'd seen around, which wasn't much of a surprise. The girls I'd known before tended to stick together, as well.

I was more surprised to see the guy from my maths class move to sit with them. One of the girls had been sitting  close to him in that class as well, though. Maybe they already knew each other. I caught him glancing over, and quickly buried my nose in the book in front of me. Whether they knew each other or not was none of my business.

When the bell finally rang to signal the end of lunch, I was one of the first to move from my seat. I'd already checked my timetable for my next subject. Science.

I could work with that. Science was one of those subjects that overcomplicated things so that nobody knew what was going on - I wouldn't come across as any more stupid than the rest of them. I hoped. It was a practical subject, too. Not much writing.

As I walked down the corridor, I heard laughter from behind me. I was fairly sure it wasn't directed at me, seeing as I hadn't even so much as tripped yet, so I took it to be the result of some private joke or something. Either way, it sounded like the girls were following. We probably had the same class again.

I tried walking a little faster to find a good seat - somewhere at the back of the class - and found that it helped my balance a little. Huh. Interesting.

The End

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