The three of us had managed to make it through a lunch together and seemed to be hitting it off. Sure there were distractions, such as when Rain took food to Tales or Faye had to talk to Steven, but otherwise we spent the most of the lunch time chatting, even if I was a bit distracted by keeping my thoughts on not daydreaming.

"Sorry, what did you ask?" I asked, shaking my head. I had missed Rain's question.

"Your next class, what is it?" she asked, indicating her timetable in front of her.

I glanced down at mine.  "Uh, Science I think. You?"

Faye grinned. "Science here as well,"

"And here," added Rain.

"Thats great" I said with a grin. "Its always a relief to know people in a class."

The others nodded an agreement, then, just before the bell rang Faye looked at me with a curious expression on her face.

"I'm sorry, I have to ask. Why not daydreaming?" she asked, then frowned realising she might have given too much away. "Uh ... that is to say."

"I don't know what your talking about," I murmured, glancing down at my food. I knew I could make her forget, but seeing as I had no idea how she even knew, and causing someone to forget something was a bad start to a friendship, I decided to let it slide.

Rain frowned at the exhange slightly, until Faye pulled both our timetables over to her. "Good, you have free period last Soar. I'm meeting Steven about something, and I think you need to be there too. In fact," she said, looking across at Rain for a second, "I think you both need to be there. And don't think you can escape. After Art we're talking about this."

I frowned as the bell suddenly rang and we made our way to class. I was just making friends with these people, I didn't want to lose them because I was a freak, or make them forget the fact that I was a freak. But then I didn't mention my no daydreaming out loud did I? So maybe there was something different about Faye too? 

The End

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