When I had arrived at the school, it was around one o'clock, so I was really late. I had had time to put my stuff in my dorm - which was small and plain - and then I was told I had missed lunch and needed to go to my next class. So in all, it wasn't the best start to the day. 

I was kind of nervous going to my lesson, which was art, as I was the new boy. Nobody normally liked the new kid. I walked into the lesson, and noticed I was one of the first in there. The teacher smiled at me, and gave me a seat. Slowly one by one, other pupils filed in, none of them taking any notice of me. 

After a while I began to think that no one would sit near me, which I was relieved about. I was happier on my own. But just as I thought that, another boy walked into the class and came to sit down next to me. He had short, black hair, and in all didn't seem like such of a bad guy. Then again, appearances could be deceiving. 

"Hello." He said to me, and I nodded my head at him. 

"I'm Callum, who are you?" he asked me. 

"Raphael. Just call me Raph though." I told him, and he then put out his hand to shake mine. At first I just stared, and then shook it grinning. 

"Nice to meet you, Raph." He said to me. "I see your new here." I nodded at him

"Just arrived today. This is my first lesson actually-"

"Right everyone, quite." The teacher said, interrupting me." Today were going to be planning our clay models." 

She started to go on about all different artists and techniques which bored me, so I switched of. I noticed that Callum was listening to each word, so I guessed he was into art. 

I picked up a pair of scissors, and started to absent-mindedly cut around my timetable. 

"Raphael!" the teacher said, making me jump. The scissors slipped, cutting a deep gash in my finger. I quickly hid it behind paper, before anyone could see it heal, but no one even noticed that I had cut it.

"Are you listening? I know you started today, but I would appreciate it if you took an interest in the lesson." The teacher said, rather annoyed. I nodded my apologies, which she seemed to accept and then she began to talk to the class again.

 I took my finger from under the paper, and sure enough the cut had healed.

"How did you do that?" Callum asked me, and I realised he had seen the whole thing. 

Damn. First lesson, and I had already been caught.

The End

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