Bea MolsonMature

I go by the name Bea. That’s pronounced Bay-Ah.

            I’m seventeen years old, a little taller then average, blue eyes, and I have long black hair that falls to my hips when it’s not tied up. My skin is pale. I mean really pale. You might want to consider shades if you’re going to hang around with me. I can be quite talkative if I get to know someone well enough, but usually I’m pretty quiet.

            As for my powers…I’m a necromancer. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it means that I cam talk to ghosts, as well as raise the dead. I’ve known that I had this skill since I was about nine years old, and my parents weren’t kept in the dark long after that. It wasn’t until the other day that my powers were a problem, though.

            After a little incident with resurrected frogs in science class, my parents began to worry about my powers. I’d never known anyone else with the necromancy skill, so I taught myself everything I knew, which wasn't that much. My mom especially wanted to move me to a new school to avoid and further suspicion in case something like that ever happened again.

            And so, that’s how I wound up at this new school. Moving from my other school hadn’t been that hard, considering my only friend, Margo, had died a while ago from blood cancer, and was now a spirit that usually liked to hover around me. She is usually where ever I am, so there’s no one holding from moving away.

            So that, my friends, is a little bit about me, Beatrix Molson, the freaky necromancer girl.

The End

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