Callum: Lonesome LunchMature

 It was lunchtime, and, as per usual, I had started to get hungry at the end of the third period of the day. I almost ran to the cafeteria, and get a cheese salad baguette. That was literally the only sandwich option they had for Vegetarians. As usual.

 I also picked up a bottle of Sparkling Water, and sat at the back of the room where I could cut myself off from the world. I ate my sandwich silently listening to Adele's My Same.

 I finished my baguette quickly, and I wanted to get out of there as soon as possible, so I stalked quickly out of the hall.

 I didn't know where to go except for the Library, so I headed there. It wasn't a long walk, even though the walk was nice on a sunny day. I took in all of my surroundings, analysing them yet again.

 Had I not analysed the whole school before, I would've bumped into some railings, but luckily, I had, so I swerved past them without looking. I nearly laughed.


 When I got to the Library, Ms. White, the Librarian smiled warmly.

 "Hi Callum." She said. I've been here too much, I thought. I smiled and nodded before disappearing into the depths of the stacks upon stacks of books. I looked around to see that I was alone, picked out my favourite book and read it. It was Twilight, and I read it in a second. That was one of the brilliant advantages of being a freak.

 I could've stayed in there for hours, but unfortunately, I still needed to gain those hours before wasting them. The bell rang, reminding me that I needed to get to Art. I didn't feel bad about leaving the books. I memorised most of them the first time I read them, and anyway, I loved Art.

The End

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