Walking with Rain was interesting. By the time we reached Spanish, I was almost certain she had some kind of talent to do with the weather. I kept getting snatches of her thoughts, mostly to do with self-control, balanced up with keeping up appearances of being normal.

As we cut across the grounds, Ellie and her gang appeared again, trying to cause trouble. She shoved Rain, making me angry. When she tried to hit one of us, I shoved out with my power.

Suddenly, Ellie looked scared, her face white with pain.

"What did you do?!" she yelled at me, cradling her arm. I could see two of her fingers were broken. I grabbed Rain and ran, feeling sick. I rarely let my powers overtake my control like that and I had very rarely hurt anyone.

We reached our lesson and slid into a chair. While I was distracted with trying to keep my powers under wraps (my pencil case was levitating a couple of millimeters off the desk, although no one seemed to see) Rain brought over someone else new. She introduced herself as Soar. I made an effort to appear normal, and thankfully my pencil case settled back to its normal place. The teacher started the lesson and like I did with Rain, I wrote out a note to Soar.

Just thought you might like to know I'm in dorm 8 if you need anything. I know what its like to be the new kid and I can watch out for you a bit if you want.
Hope things are going well for you!
Faye x

The rest of the lesson passed without any major trauma. Finally the bell went for a break.

"So, where do you want to go?"

The End

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