I jumped a little when the girl with the white hair tapped me on the shoulder, my litany broken. I was a little shocked, so when she asked me to move next to them, I kind of stared at her for a few minutes before quickly moving to the mentioned seat.

"I'm Rain," The girl introduced, "and this is Faye,"

I nodded slightly nervously. "Uh, I'm Soar," I replied. 

The girl grinned. "Your real name?" she asked.

I nodded. "Yeah, parents went through a hippy stage. What about you?" I asked

"Yep. I'm also a member of the unique name club," she replied with a grin, before asking "You new around here?"

I nodded. "First day. I'm in, uh." Frowning, I got out a piece of official school paper "Dorm 7"

Rain and Faye were about to reply when the teacher came in, and gestured for attention. I took the silence as a cue to get back to my silent focus on trying not to daydream, when a note was passed across to my desk. 

The End

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