Rain: SpanishMature

It didn't take long to get to Spanish because we both took off at a little bit of a run before slowing it down to a very VERY fast walk. "I don't like those girls." I muttered and Faye nodded. "Me neither."

Both Faye and I stumbled through the door of the Spanish class and sat down in the seats behind a girl with brown hair and grey-blue eyes.

She glanced at us for a moment with curiosity in her eyes but then she turned away and I wondered if she was new too. I stared around the room as people slowly began to appear. The teacher had yet to show up so everyone was talking and laughing loudly. The girl in front of us looked a little lonely as she watched them all and I made my decision and leant forward to tap her on the shoulder. She jumped and turned around to stare at me, her mouth slightly open.

"Hi!" I smiled at her and she slowly smiled back. "Em.. hey." she replied quietly.

"I'm Rain." I smiled at her and then motioned to the empty seat beside us. "Why don't you sit back here with us?"

The End

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