Soar: SpanishMature


I had managed to make my next class, Spanish, early and slide through unnoticed. One part of me wanted someone to talk to me, to notice me, but another part was worried that my secret, my ability would be found out. So instead I sat towards the back and tried to blend in.

There were a few empty seats near me, as yet unfilled. I watched as a girl with bright white hair, and one with auburn hair slid into them, slightly out of breath. I glanced at them curiously for a second, half wishing one of them would talk to me but at the same time hoping they wouldn't, in case one discovered my ability. How do you explain something like that to someone. 

Giving them no more than a curious glance I settled back into my mental litany. " No daydreaming, no daydreaming, no daydreaming."

I would not let myself humiliate myself on my first day here from a slip of my abilities.

The End

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