Rain: NotesMature

I was trying to block out the chatter and concentrate on controlling my emotions and my powers when a note landed on my table.

Hey, I'm Faye (the girl next door in case you were wondering)
Sorry about the idiots.. You'll learn to ignore them I guess. 
Just thought I should be friendly. I know what its like to be the new kid everyone stares at.
Hope you have a good day!
(By the way, I'm in dorm 8 if you ever want to talk)

I glanced around and caught her eye and she smiled at me. I smiled back nervously and then turned back to my books, tucking the note into my pocket.

After another agonizing 20 minutes the bell went and everyone stood up in a rush to escape. I looked down at my timetable again and then turned to Faye. "Hey, I'm Rain." I looked around a little nervously. "Em, I have Spanish next, I don't suppose you could show me to class?"

Faye smiled warmly and I relaxed. "Yeah sure, I have it now too. Show me your timetable?" she took it and glanced over it. "Hey you're in most of my classes!" she grinned and handed it back. "Come on, I'll show you to Spanish, it's on the other side of the building though, it's a pity we can't cut across the grounds, it seems to have started to rain." she stared out the window and I smiled to myself.

"Lets cut across the grounds. I'm sure it'll clear up." I smiled and she looked at me sharply for a moment. "Well... we'll have to pass by the doors anyway so we'll see." we began to walk and I smiled as I thought about sunshine and clear skies.

When we reached the door and looked out there wasn't a cloud in sight and the sun was beating down. Nobody was out on the grounds as we walked out. "Interesting." Faye murmured as she looked sideways at me. I just grinned happily and kept walking.

Suddenly a group of girls appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of us. "Well well, what have we here Faye? Taking the newbie for a stroll are you? Well hurry on now, you don't want to be late for class!" she smirked as they blocked our way.

I felt myself getting a little annoyed and a few clouds stared to appear in the sky, they were only small white ones but I still felt my power slipping on the edge of my control and I desperately tried to get a hold of it.

"Then move out of our way." I said angrily and the leader looked at me and began to laugh. "What are you going to do about it short stuff." she pushed me a little but I used my power to fix myself to the ground and she stumbled a little.  "You little cow!" obviously she thought I'd pushed her because she raised her hand to hit me and as it came down I reached deep into myself and thought..

Stone, I am a rock. Stand strong, move fast... Nothing can hurt me.....

Faye gave a little start beside me and then I felt a small brush of something against my cheek the girl that tried to hit me was screaming. "What did you do?"

I looked at the hand that she cradled in her other arm and saw that two of her fingers were broken. "Whoops." I shrugged and grabbed Faye's arm, pulling her through the group.

"Come on Faye, let's bail!"

The End

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