Faye: MathsMature

Normally, lessons don't bother me, but five seconds into the first Maths lesson of the year and I wanted out. Somehow, I'd got shoved into the rowdiest class, and had been forced to sit right behind Steven. I'd already gotten a few comments from some of the guys in the class, one even whistled at me. I grit my teeth, glaring at him in response. Next to me was a small, pale guy, with icy blue eyes. He deliberately did not look at me. That suited me fine. I really just wanted out.

I scanned around the room as I normally did. Nothing too interesting, although I noticed that with Steven, the new guy next to him and the guy next to me, I could get hardly anything unless I properly looked. I avoided that for now. 

'Talented' people? That could be whats stopping me seeing so much.

A ball of paper was soaring towards my head. I flicked it down without a thought. The loon who had thrown it (same one who had whistled earlier) gawped, frowned and looked away. The guy next to me appeared not to have noticed. Thankfully a knock at the door distracted a lot of the class. I looked up to see a small girl trailing behind the teacher. Her hair was pure white and in my opinion, stunning. She avoided making eye contact with anyone and sat at the table next door. Someone chucked a ball of paper at her. The sky went dark and I caught a glimpse of her eyes, which were a sort of topaz colour.

I'm sure they were green a moment ago...and that thing with the sky was weird..

I noticed Steven and the guy next to him were staring and the gilr ducked her head, letting her hair cover her head. As they turned back, I quickly wrote a note to her, timing it so the teacher missed me throwing it onto her desk.

Hey, I'm Faye (the girl next door in case you were wondering)
Sorry about the idiots.. You'll learn to ignore them I guess.
Just thought I should be friendly. I know what its like to be the new kid everyone stares at.
Hope you have a good day!
(By the way, I'm in dorm 8 if you ever want to talk)

The End

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