I watched him stumble off down the hallway and shrugged off my curiosity. He was either not right in the head or he thought I was a total freak. And he was clearly not insane, insane people do not smell like earth and freedom.

As I turned around to walk in the direction the other girl had been standing I saw that she was gone. It was then that I realised I didn't even know which direction I'd come in from. "Oh great!" I thought miserably. "I'm never going to find my way around this place!"

I sighed and it was then that a teacher appeared from nowhere and stood in front of me. "You must be Rain Storm." she smiled warmly but I could see the flicker of laughter in her eyes at my name. It didn't bother me anymore, I liked my name, strange though it may be. "Yes that's me." I shifted the books from one arm to another and she handed me several sheets of paper. "I'm the Principal here. You can go to your classes now and then afterwards we'll show you to your room. Mr.Denton has phoned to tell us that he will be bringing your things later so we'll see you again after school has finished." The way she said Peter's name I could see what she was thinking as clearly as if it had been written on a large neon sign and placed above her head. You didn't need to be a mind reader to realise that she was thinking about the fact that he had money, power, and he was single.

I looked down at the top sheet and saw that my first class was maths.


I groaned inwardly. I hate maths. "Em, could you show me where my first class is please?" I said tentatively and she smiled. "Of course. Follow me." and with that she sashayed down the corridor and I trailed after her reluctantly.

She led me to a room and knocked on the door before opening it. The teacher stood up from the computer and walked towards us. I shifted nervously from one foot to another and took the opportunity to scan the room. People were throwing papers and laughing and joking together like I'd always wanted to do. "You can go and sit down Rain." the teacher said loudly as she stepped outside to talk to the Principal.

A few people looked up at that but I avoided their gaze and looked for an empty seat. There was only one, and I saw that it was near Tales and another guy. Tales looked like he wanted to jump out the window and I cringed inwardly. He must think I'm such a weirdo. I felt a little strange as I went and sat down in the chair, people's eyes on me. Suddenly I got hit in the head by a ball of paper and the sky darkened for a brief moment as my eyes flashed angrily.

I saw Tales and the guy beside him staring at me and I turned and opened my books, leaning over them and tipping my head forward so that my hair fell about my face, hiding me from the rest of the world. I opened the hardback copy and looked in the mirror I had taped on the inside. My eyes were now their yellowy-orange colour and I squeezed them shut and prayed that nobody had noticed, even though I had a feeling that they both had.

Great start to the first day at a new school Rain. Great start!

The End

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