Something's up, I found myself thinking. There was something behind that girl's eyes. Not sinister, but something. Something was strange about this school... No, not about the school. The students. Most of them did appear to be normal, but even after a few hours,  I noticed. Those few students, my eyes scanning the halls.

That girl, pushing the others away without even touching, another one, navigating through the cramped corridors, slipping through gaps in the rush as if she knew they would appear even before they did, and that boy, stumbling on his feet, eyes constantly assessing the walls and the rooftops outside. I saw them, and I knew something was up.

But that was a matter for later. Next up was maths. Oh dear. I wandered the hallways, pushing myself through the crowds of children, eyes looking the hallway up and down for more peculiarities. None, just yet, just normal kids. Normal kids. I felt something when I said it. Whether it was contempt or jealousy, I had no idea, but it was there. The door to maths loomed ahead of me. I opened it, walked to my seat, and stopped time.

Not long. I immediately stood and surveyed the room. The teacher was at the computer, everyone else in their seats. A few girls in the back corner, to my right, chairs turned in towards each other, caught mid conversation. Several boys throwing paper into a bin from directly in front of me, one wad frozen in midair, and then him. The unsteady boy. Maths, huh. This should be interesting. And there was an empty seat right next to him. It would be risky. I stood, and time resumed. Nobody saw my instant transition from sitting to standing, and I wasn't about to stay standing there. I moved, and sat down in the chair next to the unsteady guy. I looked over, and saw his face for the first time.

Unkempt hair laid down over his face, his eyes staring straight ahead. His jaw seemed tense. Clearly he wasn't comfortable here. He must have noticed me looking at him, as he turned to look at me, though he didn't meet my gaze. At that moment, something flashed in the corner of my eye. Instinctively, I stopped it. And everything else, for that matter. I quickly looked up. A ball of paper. Sighing, I stood, and moved it a little lower. I sat back in my chair, and started everything again. The paper continued on its travel, but fell short. I held up my palm to unsteady guy, and said, "Hi. Steven". He looked at me, and nodded quickly. "Tales".

The End

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