I had survived my first class at this school. Sure, there was this one super friendly girl who tried to befriend me, I think it was her job to befriend new people, but I avoided her and she got the picture. I don't think many others even noticed me. It had been History and despite it being a little ahead of where we had been up to at my school, I was able to keep up. Okay, I could have more than kept up, but who wants to be known as the smart girl?

I had managed to find my way to the cafeteria and then, thankfully, an empty table, hoping others would ignore me. I could worry about making friends later, at the moment I was focussed on one thing.

'No daydreams, no daydreams, no daydreams'. It was a litany running through my head. Until I got control of that aspect of what I could do which could project images into others short term memories, so it would seem they were seeing an illusion, I could not afford to get too distracted. 

I didn't notice the auburn haired girl, standing next to a boy our age suddenly and slowly turn her head my way, as if trying to pinpoint the source of some spoken word, too focused was I on ensuring that my mind stayed in the here and now and that I didn't start projecting images for all to see. Even with memory alteration it'd be hard to convince my parents to send me to a different boarding school if I made a travesty of this one. 

The End

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